Saturday, October 1, 2016

Quick update (non-yarny content)

Time passes by so quickly! How is it possible that September is already over? In either case, a quick update on life, with more to come:

September means outpatient family and OMT, which, as all rotations, comes with pluses and minuses:

-later start time, (yay, no more 4-4:30AM wake-up alarm!) I can sometimes see the sunrise with breakfast!
- More time with patients, and I get to know at least most of the story (though sometimes, more than I asked for...) 
- I love working with my office staff! They are always so cheerful and helpful. My MA (yeah, I have an MA. It's amazing and slightly intimidating), is so good with kids and always looks out for me to make sure I don't miss things
- Medical students who ask questions and are enthusiastic about OMT,  and help me to stay ahead of the clock
- my hard-working preceptor who takes on more than her fair share of work and still manages to raise her children and sometimes feeds us dinner 
- my fearless and funny chief, who always makes me smile and manages to out-quirk even quirky me
- the FM resident family, who all support each other
-my patients who want to help themselves get better and ask me (!) about exercises, stretches, and ways to stretch the treatment further

- patients who don't want to follow any of my carefully laid out treatment plans and yet ask for extra medications and referrals and want me to fill out paperwork for them stating why they should have their heating and electricity without paying the bill (If you don't want me to be your doctor, please find someone else to fill out your forms) 
- medical students who don't want to be there, and do a bad job with patients, then try to make it my fault
- patients who try to guilt me into prescribing them medications that they don't need
- bureaucratic nonsense that leads to wasted time doing the same modules again and again (I'm pretty sure that I know how to wash my hands properly, thanks all the same!)

My grumblings aside, I am so happy and lucky and privileged to be working and training at a fantastic facility with amazing residents and attendings. Although the new-ness factor has finally started to fade, I am still sometimes taken aback by how far the past 5 years has led me, and how privileged I am to be in a position to help others and make a living at the same time. I know that residency is there to challenge and guide and teach, and sometimes it is frustrating and difficult, but at the end of the day, I wouldn't have it any other way. Onto ER month! Socktober! Autumn!

Love and hugs,

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