Saturday, July 2, 2016

New Home!

Welcome to Cleveland!
I have been operating on automatic mode for the last few weeks, and it really hasn't sunken into my brain yet about where I am. These last two months have been so crazy, from my travels to Europe and China, to graduating from medical school, to moving across the country to Cleveland, and starting my new job as a resident physician.

I've been in Cleveland now for almost three weeks. While I technically start working this Friday, I've been at the hospital for eight work days now, doing orientation. It is so surreal sometimes, that we are being taught all of these "big medicine" techniques and procedures, from doing intubations and putting in chest tubes, to running codes and ordering medications. Somehow, it all seems like a dream, like this is practice, that it isn't real. The journey has been a long one, to get to this place, to be a doctor, and I still can't quite seem to grasp the fact that medical school is done and over, and I don't have to ever worry about whether or not I'll pass another block exam. I am a doctor. Wow.

For the first time, I'm living on my own, on my own salary (waiting for that first paycheck!), and making my own decisions. It seems so crazy and surreal, this time and place that I've been hoping and longing for, to finally be here. And yet, somehow, not quite what I thought it would be. I would have thought future doctor me would be smarter, more efficient, and better able to manage under stress. Nope, still the same me, just older and with slightly more knowledge (and a lot more yarn).

The last four years dragged on, and yet seemed to fly by in a flash. I'm excited and nervous to see what the next four years brings. Hopefully, I will live up to my residency's expectation and become a competent, fully-fledged doctor!

 Now, onto knitting! In all my travels, I've also been knitting. I started a TGV shawl when I was in Europe (and actually knitted on it while I was riding the TGV between Paris and Barcelona), but wasn't able to finish it before I left Vegas, and had to leave it behind.

I also worked on quite a few pairs of socks, including reknitting Al's wedding gift socks and finishing Isal's promised Christmas socks from last year.

I am also working on a pair of socks for myself, out of Heather/Highland Handmades's sock yarn club colorway, which will also qualify for Into the Wool points. (I got a LOT of knitting done on these during orientation, lol.)

I also finished a shawl, for our knitting group's shawl exchange, which was our way of saying goodbye, as Sarah and I ventured on our separate, independent, adulting journeys. We knit the Darwin shawl, and I made it out of Verdant Gryphon's Age of Asparagus, and a picot edging using some gorgeous light blue yarn I got at Stitches this year, which I sadly can't remember.

I'm so excited and nervous for the year coming, but I am happy to know that I will finally be able to focus on the next step on my journey, and was relieved to find some friends in my intern class who also like the fiber arts! Can't wait to see what the next few months bring! Stay tuned!