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January's End: Waiting

Things have gotten both more and less hectic around Casa de Z:

For January, I had my very first rotation in Anesthesia. It was nerve wracking, since I wanted to do well, and everything was so new to me, even in 4th year. It would have been so easy just to ride the currents of cruising by, since I had a different attending physician every day. but in many ways, my inner type-A made me somewhat miserable, as I was torn between being physically and mentally exhausted from interview season and wanting to learn and do well.

 I was very privileged to have so many attendings who wanted to teach, and became very familiar with many styles of anesthesia, since everyone had a different preference in how and when they administered drugs. I learned how to approach different types of intubations, and intubated 4 patients and inserted supraglottic airways on 3 other patients. I learned how to assess each patient's airway status, medical status, and surgical risk, and became comfortable with the medications administered from beginning to end of a basic surgical case.

And yet, in other ways, this month was difficult, as I frantically put my materials in order for my residency Match process, tried (in my bumbling, clumsy ways), to ensure that I told my potential residency places how much I wanted to be there and how high I would be ranking them, without saying too much or sounding too desperate. I submitted my applications, my ranking list, and now, the hardest part: The Waiting. Waiting, for February 8th, for the Match list to come out. To know IF I matched, and where I will be (hopefully) spending the next 4 years of my life. To know what kinds of preparation I will need, and what the timeline is going to be like. To know what style of OMM I will need to learn, and what kind of patient population I will encounter.

Thankfully, most of the places I am looking at are fairly cold places, so I am knitting like mad, both to stay sane and to prepare myself for the future to come.

<Knitting starts here>
I've finished quite a few things in the last month or so, between catch-up on Christmas knitting and the various KALs I've been participting in.

First, I finished some socks for my parents: 1 pair for my mom, in the Batman colorway from Gnome acres, and 1 pair for my dad in the Lollipop Yarns

Second, I finally finished my rainbow socks! I had started them much earlier, but the Knitpicks needles I used broke just as I was turning the heel on the first sock, and then I just gave up during audition season, trying to fuss with finding new needles, and waited until I was home to redo the heel. These are OMG socks, in the  Nothing says Screw You like a Rainbow from White Birch Fiber Arts. I am participating in the Rainbows and Unicorns KAL with Twisted Stitches podcast, the Knityobawls and Don't Hoard the Precious KAL from Sassy Pants Knitter podcast, and the 12 in 16 with Just one More Row podcast.

Third, I finished my first pair of socks with yarn from Nomadic Yarns! I LOVE her gumballs, and it is currently (thankfully), still easy-ish to get a hold of her yarn. I finished a pair of Leprechaun socks that I started back around St. Patrick's day, but then I got distracted by other shiny pretty things, like the Knitted Wit gumballs (more on that later).

Finally, I also finished a baby sweater! Not for me, but for my friend Whitney's baby. I started this sweater, oh probably in March or April, when she first told me she was expecting. I worked on it, finished it for the most part, but had some finishing to do when audition season/interview season hit, and then I just never had time to give it to her. I finally picked it back up again when I saw her at the beginning of the month, when we had to recertify for BLS. I told her about the sweater, and then when I found out that we were both going to be at the same recertification class for ACLS, I promised to bring the sweater. But when I picked the sweater back up, I realized that I still had quite a bit to do: knit elbow patches, pockets, sew in the buttons, weave in ends, etc. I worked on it while I was going through the ACLS videos and quizzes, but fell asleep. I brought it into class, along with my needles and crochet hook, and wove in ends and sewed on the buttons while we went over the details for the new ACLS guidelines. It turned out so much cuter than I thought: the buttons definitely make the sweater! The Knitmore Girls were right!

I have quite a few things on the needles right now:

1. I still have one pair of socks from Christmas that I need to finish for my aunt, which I had to reknit the entire second sock. In early December, I had knitted the first sock, and had just started on the second sock when I flew from Maine to Miami for an interview. I packed the sock (on wooden Knitpicks needles), and looked forward to the long plane rides when I could work on the socks and finish them in time for Christmas. However, somewhere between the security line and sitting down on the airplane, one end of the needle had splintered and broken, leaving me with one decent end and a stub. Since this was 8pm on a Sunday, there would be no way that I would be able to get another needle, and I had 3 hours on a plane. I made do the best I could, scooting the needles around so that I could knit with the good end (thank goodness for magic loop!) , and praying that I would not get splinters from the broken end. I made painfully slow progress, and was determined to get a new set of  metal needles in the morning after my interview. I had a great interview, and then set off in the balmy 70-degree December afternoon to Knitting Garden, where I met a group of lovely Cuban women who picked out my first pair of Addi Turbo Lace. I happily set on my way, excited to finish the sock at last. Over the next two weeks, between long days at the hospital doing inpatient family medicine, the sock practically flew to the heel and up the ribbing. I pulled out the other sock to see how much ribbing I needed to do, and that is when I saw it: the second sock was 1 whole size bigger than the first. How did this happen? I was knitting on 1's, same as the other sock! Then. I read the second, tiny line on the needle package: Size 1, 2.5mm. My Knit Picks were Size 1, 2.25mm. Not the same at all. I couldn't quite deal with reality at that moment, sleep deprived as I was, so I shoved the sock back in the bag and worked on some other, pretty, easy, shiny projects:

2. Mittens: I happened to see on Facebook and Instagram that Carrie Bostick Hoge and MJ Mucklestone were going to do a book signing at Knit Wit, a yarn store in Portland, so I rearranged my call schedule so that I would be able to go to the book signing. It meant that I had 2 overnight shifts the next week, one on Wed and one on Friday, but it was worth it. I bought my first Quince and Co yarn that was used in the book, and began casting on right away once I got home.

4. Socks for Isal: My medical school big sib, and all around awesome mentor and friend, Isal, moved to Pennsylvania this past year for residency. Since she is from Las Vegas and California, it's been fun helping her get ready for winter. I promised her some socks for Christmas/birthday, but things got in the way, so I am working on these now. It's taking me a bit of time to do these, since her shoe size is itty-bitty: women's size 4.5-5! I've had to cast on and rip out 3 times already, but it's worth it. She's given me so much help, guidance, and support for all of med school, and I look up to her as a friend and a mentor.

5. Leg warmers for Amila: On our somewhat-monthly Google Hangout session, my friend Amila mentioned that she bikes to work in leggings and scraped herself landing wrong. I asked her if she wanted legwarmers, and she agreed. At least the wool would cushion her when she fell. It took some back and forth to settle on the perfect yarn, but now we have  agreed on it: pink, gold, and purple striped with sparkles, Turtlepurl's City Girl on a sparkle base. I have this yarn for socks in the future, and I look forward to making these for Amila.

Stash Acquisition:
I posted earlier about the yarn I bought during audition season, but since then, I have purchased a few things, including a beautiful Anne of Green Gables bag from Little Skein in the Big Wool, and a few skeins of yarn from Big Sky Alpaca for a Chilkat Cowl.I'm excited to finally start working on fun projects and be done with gift knitting!

Will try to post pics later, but wanted to get this up, so look out for pics!

Hope everyone is safe and happy and warm!

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  1. Since almost a month has past since this post, I am assuming that the match list was duly posted and you now know where you are headed. Inquiring minds want to know, where did you end up? Kim (and the rest of the knitting group) in Grand Rapids.