Sunday, November 23, 2014

Progress on WIP!

I started reading (in Rachael Herron's words) "Knit-lit", which is chick-lit that revolves around knitting, and I decided that it was TIME. Time for me to learn how to knit socks, that is! I've knit many many scarves, a blanket, as well as some hats and costume headbands/ears. (Incidentally, I actually started knitting again because I accidentally mentioned that I could knit some ears as Halloween costumes for the pediatrics office staff, and then I had to make good on my words and actually bring my knitting to the office. Peds! My favorite (and most hardworking) clerkship I've been on, mostly because the day when something like this: 

9am: See the 2-3pts that are here before school starts
10am-12pm: see 1-2 pts that are here for walk-in appts d/t emergencies, or the children are too young to be in school, then sit in the office and knit with S,my fellow med student (who is also on this Peds rotation with me), 
12pm: lunch provided by the preceptor (She cooks for us! And it is ALWAYS delicious!)
12:30pm-3pm: knit and study for the clerkship exam
3:30pm-7pm: See the 20-40pts (yes, up to FORTY pts come in within those four and a half hours after school!), that come after school, usually in families of 4-5 kids

7pm: help clean up, stand awkwardly for a while, and then go home in the dark. 

Anyways, enough random rambling. I started knitting socks, as I stated before, and here is a picture of the sock! I've made slightly more progress than the picture, but I wanted to show off my ribbed section. :) 

One final note about knitting socks: I wanted to do it right the first time, so I read up a bunch and everything said I HAD to use sock-weight yarn, which is teeny tiny compared to my normal sport/worsted/chunky weight skeins used for scarves and hats. Progress has been slow, but now that I've turned the heel, the end (or at least the toe) is in sight, and I'm SO excited! More pics when I finish the first sock! ~Z

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