Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's Fall...

Which means that I switch from cardmaking and scrapbooking to knitting and quilting! I'm on surgery rotation this month, which is a lot of sitting and waiting around for cases to start, as well as days on call where there isn't much to do but to wait for something to happen, which is perfect for knitting.

I learned to knit when I was little. It was inevitable in my household, where the Chinese aunties subtly try to one-up each other with their newest handknits and no one gets through a winter without at least one new handknit sweater. My mom actually taught me how to knit in grade school, but I didn't really do much with the knowledge until I began college. (I was tired of my mom haranguing about how I was holding the needles, so I learned to knit and then promptly quit knitting.) In college, knitting was just getting popular again, and all my friends were knitting each other scarves, so I went out to the nearest big-box store and bought myself some new double pointed needles and a few skeins of acrylics (hey, I was on a budget.) and joined right in.

I discovered that knitting is FUN. It always seemed to me when I was growing up that knitting was just a skill that people did, and it was the means to an end (pretty, warm sweaters that you could also use as bragging rights), but it never occurred to me that it could also be fun and relaxing at the same time. So now, with this knowledge, I added knitting onto my ever-revolving cache of crafts that switch as the seasons (and my interests) change.

On a side note, I also discovered that there are such things as knitting podcasts! Most are simple affairs, with the podcaster talking about what they'd finished knitting, their works in progress (WIPs), and what they want to knit next, as well as some tidbits from their lives. Some of them also do book reviews, product reviews, and interviews with authors! Some of my favorites so far: TapGurlKnits, BostonJen (DownCellar Studio), Knitting in circles (on Youtube), and the Knitmore Girls!

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