Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday purchases and a Crafty Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays! I had a great day yesterday, cooking up the turkey and our Thanksgiving meal for 8. I made more food than necessary, as usual, but the leftovers were great for my crafty get together today, so it all worked out.

I had been looking around, and one of my Facebook groups mentioned that Knitpicks was having a sale, so I browsed around, and ended up putting just enough in my cart for free shipping. I had my mom look at some of the yarn, and managed to snag some of the ones she wanted (I think they will be her Christmas gift this year!). I'm going making good progress on my socks, so I also ordered some self-striping yarn for the next pair in my queue.

In other news, I had a few friends over for a Crafts and Thanskgiving Leftovers party. We had lunch with all of the leftovers my parents wanted to get rid of, and had a fun time knitting, making Christmas cards, and watching Harry Potter. We had a great discussion about how strange and sad it is that the HP series are over. We basically grew up around HP, the books and the movies.

All in all, it was a great Friday. Not too much crazy Black Friday-ness around here, but just enough.

*update* Okay. Confession time. After I published the post, I then caved and bought 5 of Alana Dakos's patterns on Ravelry. They were 50% off! I couldn't resist! Can't wait to add them to my queue, though: they are GORGEOUS. That is all. ~Z

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