Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ortho Surgery craziness! AND New WIPS, and yarn goodness!

I'm on my second week of clerkship with the orthopedic surgeons, and it's been a crazy week!

<non-knitting life notes> I was in the OR with the preceptor surgeons from 7am to 11:30pm on Monday, where we repaired two fractured ankles, cleaned up 3 meniscus (menici?), and replaced two knees with artificial knees. It was amazing to see the surgeries in person after reading about them, and I was so happy that the doctors let me scrub in. I don't get to do much beyond retraction and suturing, but it was still great to get some hands-on experience! Tuesday and Thursday were office days, so we didn't do much except see the patients coming into the clinic. It was still good to get experience of taking history and doing physical exams, as it is all practice for when I have to handle the patients on my own in the future. Wednesday was another crazy day, as we were in the OR from 7am to 10:30pm, and did 11 cases, including one shoulder rotator cuff repair, one elbow cartilage cleanup, one ankle fracture repair, a partial hip replacement revision, three arthroscopic ACL repairs, one knee meniscus clean-up and cartilage microfracture, and two other cases that I can't even remember right now. I also had to finish writing up a paper that was due this week, and look up some tests that the preceptor wanted me to report on. All in all, it has been a crazy busy, stressful, and fun week all wrapped up in one. </end notes>

I finished up my cabled mitts, and immediately cast on a second pair, this time in pink. I was going to give the mint-colored pair to a friend, but seeing as I ended up wearing them a few times, I'm going to keep them for myself, and make a pair for her. :) That's my excuse anyway. Mostly, I just like doing the large cables in worsted weight yarn. It makes me feel accomplished. ;)

I also started knitting my very first pair of DK weight socks. It's an interesting experience. I think all considered, I might actually prefer knitting socks in sockweight. DK weight is quite heavy on the needles, and the pattern tweaks I made are making the sock larger than I thought it would be. I'm not sure if I'm going to have enough yarn to make both socks...Ah well. I guess worst comes to worst, I'll just have mis-matched socks.There are worse things in life than mismatched hand-knit socks.

And finally, my box of Knit Picks yarn is here! I was so excited that I started casting on for a sock immediately. The wool is so soft, I can't even believe it.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Finished WIP, New WIP (With cables!), and plan for COMLEX PE!

I have been super nervous about starting my new clerkship for medical school, so I've been knitting up a storm! I finished the second sock of my first sock project (YAY!), and I decided I needed a new challenge. Cables.
I've lusted after cables for years and years, from store windows and even on other people's bodies. Like, I've secretly taken pictures of people's sweaters because I've loved the cable work. Yeah, I know. It was getting to be a problem. So I finally decided that I should woman up and just learn to knit cables myself. I found the perfect project, a pair of fingerless mittens in worsted weight yarn, with beautiful cable work on the dorsum of the hand. *sighs of admiration and like*

The best part was that it was free on Ravelry! Or on their website. So I downloaded it, and to my surprise, by the end of the night, I'd finished one of the two mitts! I've been saving the second one, knitting it more slowly, but still *should*  have it done by the end of today or tomorrow. I'm so addicted to cables, even more than before now! I can't wait to knit more! Cables, cables, everywhere! (okay, that's a bit much...) But still, look! Isn't it pretty? 

Anyways, the third thing I've been thinking about is a trip in the distant future, to the Philly area for my COMLEX PE exam, which is the second part of the second part of my medical boards. Confused yet? I was, too. For the COMLEX II, or the second part of the medical boards, there are two parts, one is written, and the other is a physical exam portion that is only conducted in one testing center in the whole of the US. Meaning that there are few testing spots available. Mine is basically in 10 months. I am already starting to freak out a little, so I decided to start planning something fun to look forward to after the exam. Many of the upperclassmen and women usually go to the touristy stuff of Philly, but I've already done that with my family when they dropped me off for college. I want to do something more crafty, and since I'm on a yarn kick, I decided to compile a yarn-hop of the top 5 yarn shops of Philly, based on Yelp reviews. Here is my proposed trip. I feel much better about the exam now, and I am actually not so nervous anymore. Success!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Black Friday purchases and a Crafty Thanksgiving!

Happy Holidays! I had a great day yesterday, cooking up the turkey and our Thanksgiving meal for 8. I made more food than necessary, as usual, but the leftovers were great for my crafty get together today, so it all worked out.

I had been looking around, and one of my Facebook groups mentioned that Knitpicks was having a sale, so I browsed around, and ended up putting just enough in my cart for free shipping. I had my mom look at some of the yarn, and managed to snag some of the ones she wanted (I think they will be her Christmas gift this year!). I'm going making good progress on my socks, so I also ordered some self-striping yarn for the next pair in my queue.

In other news, I had a few friends over for a Crafts and Thanskgiving Leftovers party. We had lunch with all of the leftovers my parents wanted to get rid of, and had a fun time knitting, making Christmas cards, and watching Harry Potter. We had a great discussion about how strange and sad it is that the HP series are over. We basically grew up around HP, the books and the movies.

All in all, it was a great Friday. Not too much crazy Black Friday-ness around here, but just enough.

*update* Okay. Confession time. After I published the post, I then caved and bought 5 of Alana Dakos's patterns on Ravelry. They were 50% off! I couldn't resist! Can't wait to add them to my queue, though: they are GORGEOUS. That is all. ~Z

Friday, November 28, 2014

Yarn Haul! And a visit to a LYS!

I had been feeling bad that I hadn't visited any of the local yarn shops in town, so I searched around (Google and Ravelry), and found that there was a really cool shop not too far away, called Sin City Knit Shop. It was on my way back from school today, and since I had taken a tough exam today, I felt that I deserved a little fun time.

I loved visiting the shop, and though it was a quick visit, I liked what I saw. They were having a sit-and-spin session in one corner, and a few ladies had spinning wheels out. There were some large tables where you could sit and knit all day, and the walls were covered in shelves of colorful yarn that I could just stare at (and knit) all day! I also LOVED their collection of funky and cute knitting needles.

The saleslady was quite pleasant, and let me browse as much as possible. I wasn't going to buy anything at the beginning, but I got caught up in the specialty yarns, and ended up buying a hank of specially-dyed for the store worsted weight striped yarn, as well as a ball of sock yarn that I'm hoping to knit into socks for my mom.

It was great to see yarn outside of big box stores, and I'll hope to visit the store again soon, though my wallet probably won't welcome it as much. The one thing I do have to say is that yarn is a bit more expensive in the local yarn store, as is fabric in a local quilt shop, but it is worth it, to make sure that people can earn a living, and that we are contributing to the local economy. :) I can't afford to buy much, but given the choice, I try to spend as much as I can at the local economic level.

Now, back to my socks! Happy Knitting! ~Z

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WIP update! Sock 1 completed!

I'm so excited! I just finished my first sock! Ahhh! It's so cool! I've wanted to knit socks for YEARS, and the heel part always intimidated me. Here is the link to the pattern I used. It's great for beginners because the author leads you through each step, and you don't even have to READ the pattern:

Here is a picture of the first sock, completed!

I've already cast on for the second one, and hopefully it will also fit! I've learned so much from knitting this one, and I'm excited for the possibilities of the future: different colors, patterns, striping, etc! I've gotten so addicted to Ravelry, and I've got quite a few projects queued up, but let's finish the second sock first! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Book Review/rant: Knit-lit!

I've been doing some reading lately of what have been called "knit-lits". (Well, that is what one of the authors in the genre, Rachael Herron calls them!) I sometimes find that when I am having trouble with a pattern, it helps to take a break and read something light and fun that incorporates the craft I am doing.

As it is fall, I've mentioned that I've been putting away the papercrafts and switching to knitting, and I wanted to find some books about knitting. Enter Rachael Herron's series, the Cypress Hollow books, which are indeed contemporary chick-lit books (romance novels, if you will), that all feature protagonists who knit or deal with knitting. From a doctor to a bookshop owner, a hand-crafts seller to an author, the characters featured in this series are all strong women who deal with everyday life. I heartily approve of this series and its characters, and the icing on the cake is that each of the books includes a free pattern in the end, a project that the protagonist worked on during the novel. How cool is that?

I must admit that I started reading Rachael's books accidentally (I'd been searching on my library's website for knitting ebooks, and one of her books actually popped up along with the pattern books), but I've enjoyed all of the thoroughly. I started with the first, and within a week not only worked my way through all of them, but bought four out of the five books! With my own money! (Cheapskate that I am, that is a BIG deal.) That's how good the books are. Now, these are romance novels, so they also do have the spicy bit. :)

I also read my way through the first of Terri DuLong's novels, Spinning Forward, which was good but somehow paled against Herron's books. I found the protagonist a little wishy-washy, and things seemed to happen too much in coincidence. Overall, though, the story is strong, and I would give this book a read again, if only through checking it out from the library.

Friday Night Knitting Club was my third pick, the book that apparently (in my ignorance I read third), started the whole "knit-lit" genre! It was a great story about a single-mother/yarn store owner, and I cried over the book when it ended. The characters were great and the story believable, but somehow I felt like some parts that could have been more elaborate were shorter, and other exposition that could have been cut went on and on. Overall, I loved the story, and I may buy this in the future for a re-read.

All these books were a pretty quick/light read, and reading them definitely helped me to become motivated again to knit. Most of these books are available in audiobook form, so you can think about knitting while listening to a novel about knitting while actually knitting...mind=blown!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Progress on WIP!

I started reading (in Rachael Herron's words) "Knit-lit", which is chick-lit that revolves around knitting, and I decided that it was TIME. Time for me to learn how to knit socks, that is! I've knit many many scarves, a blanket, as well as some hats and costume headbands/ears. (Incidentally, I actually started knitting again because I accidentally mentioned that I could knit some ears as Halloween costumes for the pediatrics office staff, and then I had to make good on my words and actually bring my knitting to the office. Peds! My favorite (and most hardworking) clerkship I've been on, mostly because the day when something like this: 

9am: See the 2-3pts that are here before school starts
10am-12pm: see 1-2 pts that are here for walk-in appts d/t emergencies, or the children are too young to be in school, then sit in the office and knit with S,my fellow med student (who is also on this Peds rotation with me), 
12pm: lunch provided by the preceptor (She cooks for us! And it is ALWAYS delicious!)
12:30pm-3pm: knit and study for the clerkship exam
3:30pm-7pm: See the 20-40pts (yes, up to FORTY pts come in within those four and a half hours after school!), that come after school, usually in families of 4-5 kids

7pm: help clean up, stand awkwardly for a while, and then go home in the dark. 

Anyways, enough random rambling. I started knitting socks, as I stated before, and here is a picture of the sock! I've made slightly more progress than the picture, but I wanted to show off my ribbed section. :) 

One final note about knitting socks: I wanted to do it right the first time, so I read up a bunch and everything said I HAD to use sock-weight yarn, which is teeny tiny compared to my normal sport/worsted/chunky weight skeins used for scarves and hats. Progress has been slow, but now that I've turned the heel, the end (or at least the toe) is in sight, and I'm SO excited! More pics when I finish the first sock! ~Z

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's Fall...

Which means that I switch from cardmaking and scrapbooking to knitting and quilting! I'm on surgery rotation this month, which is a lot of sitting and waiting around for cases to start, as well as days on call where there isn't much to do but to wait for something to happen, which is perfect for knitting.

I learned to knit when I was little. It was inevitable in my household, where the Chinese aunties subtly try to one-up each other with their newest handknits and no one gets through a winter without at least one new handknit sweater. My mom actually taught me how to knit in grade school, but I didn't really do much with the knowledge until I began college. (I was tired of my mom haranguing about how I was holding the needles, so I learned to knit and then promptly quit knitting.) In college, knitting was just getting popular again, and all my friends were knitting each other scarves, so I went out to the nearest big-box store and bought myself some new double pointed needles and a few skeins of acrylics (hey, I was on a budget.) and joined right in.

I discovered that knitting is FUN. It always seemed to me when I was growing up that knitting was just a skill that people did, and it was the means to an end (pretty, warm sweaters that you could also use as bragging rights), but it never occurred to me that it could also be fun and relaxing at the same time. So now, with this knowledge, I added knitting onto my ever-revolving cache of crafts that switch as the seasons (and my interests) change.

On a side note, I also discovered that there are such things as knitting podcasts! Most are simple affairs, with the podcaster talking about what they'd finished knitting, their works in progress (WIPs), and what they want to knit next, as well as some tidbits from their lives. Some of them also do book reviews, product reviews, and interviews with authors! Some of my favorites so far: TapGurlKnits, BostonJen (DownCellar Studio), Knitting in circles (on Youtube), and the Knitmore Girls!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My First Haul Video!

I've been watching crafty videos for about 4 years now, and I have been meaning to start uploading my own. I've done quite a few test videos, and this one seemed to be the best, so I took advantage of the opportunity when my SSS haul for Stamptember came in early. So here goes! *gulp* Hopefully you like it!

Sizing comparisons for CC Designs stamps:

LaLa Land Craft Marci Lantern stamp size: app. 3 7/8 inches tall
The Greeting Farm Latte Anya stamp size: app 3.5 inches tall
CC Designs Sugar Shopping stamp size: app. 3.25 inches tall


Simon Says Stamp Exclusive collaboration products: Click here
Simon Says Stamp Brave Stamp Set:
Simon Says Stamp Super Duo Stamp Set:
CC Designs Bride Emma
CC Designs Sugar Shopping (no link available)
IndigoBlue Map
Gorjuss Girl Ruby Cling
Stampendous Doctor Kiddo

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fall colors and challenges galore!

It's been an exciting time around here! I've been crafting whenever I could get a moment free, though those have been rare currently as I am in the middle of my OB-GYN rotation. I've seen 2 C-sections and helped with a delivery so far, and it's only been the 3rd day today! Anyways, I had the afternoon free today, and I made this card.

 I've been watching so many YouTube videos in the mornings when I was getting ready, and I got inspired by some of Kristina Werner's one-layer cards, like this one, which features masking and stamping techniques.

I don't have masking paper, so I used a bunch of regular Post-Its. I used quite a few stamp sets on this project: SSS Giving Thanks (Sentiment and stripes), SSS Colors and Sunshine (Smile panel), SSS Sending Love (small dots), SSS Love this (striped rows); My Cute Stamps's Owlways and Forever friends (tree/branches);Lawn Fawn's Petite Florals and Teeny Tiny Backdrops (Flowers panel and Stars panels).

I'm entering this card into 3 different challenges: 

Have a great day! ~Craftyziti

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Halloween Krafty Witch card!

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I start my OB-GYN rotation next month (ironically), so this will be the last crafty spree I'll be able to do for a while. Anyways, I saw that there was a Krafty Halloween/Witch challenge on the SSS Monday Challenge site, so I made a card for it.

I used some Strathmore water color paper, Happy Hauntings stamp set from Lawn Fawn, and Owlways Friends set from My Cute Stamps, stamped on Ranger Archival Ink, and colored in with Prismacolor colored pencils and Artist's Loft watercolors. Enjoy! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quick life update

I have a few cards to post, but the Psychiatry COMAT is tomorrow. Gotta study! I'm expecting a package soon from Staples of crafty goodness, so I should have a haul post soon as well. Maybe even a video!


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Stretch Your Stamps 2 cards!

Here are some more of the cards I'm submitting to the Stretch Your Stamps 2 Gallery:
This one is for the Floral stamps day, the lesson was to stamp the florals in bold colors, which I did using Colorbox Fluid chalk Cat Eye pads. I used the Simon Says Stamp Life is a Journey stamp set, which had a lot of floral stamps, surprisingly. The sentiment is from the Simon Says Stamp Color and Sunshine stamp set. 

No Surprise, then that this card was for the Alphabet and Sentiments Lesson. I had a great time mixing up the letters from the Lawn Fawn Milo's ABCs to make the word search, and the other part of the sentiment and the couch are from the Paper Smooches Vogue Abode stamp set, which I paper-pieced with Lawn Fawn Pink Lemonade 6x6 paper. 
This was a take on the Background/reverse backgrounds lesson. The stamp set is from Hero Arts, but I forget the name. I embossed it in white and then sprayed it with Dylusions sprays, then sprayed the Dylusions on the stamp itself. 
These two cards and a few following were from the Play Day, which featured this "Hello Friend" stamp set from Ali Edwards and Technique Tuesday. I didn't have any embossing folders (I don't have a die cutting machine), so I faux embossed by doing white heat embossing on Neenah Solar White card stock. 

This one was done with clear embossing, on a reverse background stamp, the Highline stamp from Hero Arts.
This was Card 1 for Graphic Stamping Day. I got a little creative and actually used the stamps from the Simon Says Stamp Color and Sunshine stamp set. The interlocking rings are actually the rainbow elements. The dot and the heart, as well as the sentiment, are from the Love This stamp set from Simon Says Stamp. 
Card 2 for Graphic Stamps Lesson Day, I also stretched my imagination and used elements from the SSS Love This stamp set for the blocks, and the sentiment and flowers are from the SSS Sending Happy Thoughts Stamp set.
Don't these just remind you of little lanterns? I used the SSS Love This Stamp Set again, and just played around with Hero Arts Shadow Inks to get a cool effect. 
For the this card, I wasn't sure if I should have it under graphic stamps day or the Backgrounds stamp day. I used a technique from both of the days, kissing stamps, to create these elegant cards. Actually, I double kissed the stamps. First, I inked the blob stamp from the SSS Love is everything stamp set, and then I kissed it to the music notes stamp set from Hero Arts, then stamped it. I then stamped it again right next to the first image, to create the softer graduation image. Then I kissed the now-blank blob stamp back to the exact place where I'd kissed in the first place, to get the image back on the stamp, and then stamped that and then generation stamped again. So elegant, so easy, so much fun! 
This card used the same technique, except the blobs are more random. The sentiment is from a much older stamp set, the SSS Music 2 My Ears set from the SSS November 2012 card kit. 

....and, I'm back!

I'm back from my self-imposed sabbatical! I just started my third year of medical school, and have been having fun in my psych rotation. I decided that since psych was a relatively easy rotation, I could afford to treat myself after all my hard work in studying for my boards, so I treated myself to my very first Online Card Class, hosted by Kristina Werner and Jennifer McGuire. Here is one of the cards for Online Card Classes, the Stretch Your Stamps 2 class.
This card was so much fun to create! The Background is from the Hero Arts Highline collection, and I stamped the sentiment (SSS Inside and out sayings) on some vellum, heat embossed in gold, and added some enamel dots from My Mind's Eye. The background was also sprayed in multiple colors from the Dylusions Spray sets. I've been enjoying 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Hiatus announcement

Dear All,
I will be away until the last week of July as I prepare  and take my medical boards. Hope everyone is enjoying the summer!


Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Hi everyone! 
I'm giddy with delight because I was spotlight#2 on Crafting by Design's exotic Asia challenge! I know that there were only 7 qualified entries (the other ones didn't have anything Asian on them), but it is still the first time I've been selected/highlighted/spotlighted for my crafting! Two years ago, I was still having trouble figuring out how to ink up a stamp properly! I've definitely come a long way, and I am so happy that I stumbled upon Nichol Magourick's YouTube channel featuring using a Lawn Fawn stamp to make a birthday card: Otherwise, I would never have gotten into stamping at all! 

Granted, I only get bragging rights, but still, I'm just happy and surprised that I was selected as a spotlight at all. I still have a really long way to go before I am good enough to win challenges with prizes or anything like that, and I probably would never have the time/talent to be on a design team. But for today, I'm walking on clouds! :) 

Happy last day of April,

Thursday, April 24, 2014

SSS June 2013 Card Kit: Card

Hi Everyone, 
I have a card that I made with a slightly older card kit, the June 2013 kit: 
Here is what I used:  SSS June 2013 card kit sentiment (Kelly Purkey exclusive), Sunflower stamp from Michaels (embossed with Ranger white, and then colored with distress inks), Leaves using WeRMemoryKeepers Team/MVP Stamp set, stamped using Jenni Bowlin Stick Candy ink. My main purpose was to try out the Michaels stamps and see if they would be good for anything. Too often in the past, I've bought discount stamps and then end up realizing that I wasted money (Those dollar bin purchases add up in the long run!) because I'd bought stamps that I end up not using, or they are of such poor quality/poor design that I literally can't use them. I am surprisingly satisfied with the quality of this Michaels dollar bin stamp, and I will definitely be using it on future projects.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Altenew: New Stamp company review and cards!

Hi Everyone,
Today I have some cards featuring a new stamp company I saw featured on Jennifer McGuire's blog, Altenew. It's a brand spanking new stamp company, from long time stampers Tasnim Ahmed and Jennifer Rzasa, and the images that they have are so unique and fun! I bought three stamp sets from their collections, the Sketchy Cities, Ori Kami, and Figure Effects. I am savoring these new stamps, since I am on a spending freeze for a while, and this was one of my last purchases before the freeze. Here are the cards using Sketchy Cities: 

I LOVE the quality of the stamps: they are really high quality photopolymer, on par with the best of Simon Says Stamp and Lawn Fawn, and even better quality than some of the Simon Says Stamp ones! (Most of SSS is awesome, but there are a few sets where the stamps are a little lacking). I will try to do an in depth review soon, but for now, know that these stamps are awesome. I hope you will check them out!


Earth Day recycling card, and Mama Elephant Stamp

Hi All, 
Happy Earth Day! I didn't get this post up in time per se due to scheduling issues, but here is my card for today: 
I recently bought the Stila mini-smudge liner makeup at Sephora, and it had this little plastic piece inside the set that I felt bad about throwing away, but couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. I finally wove some cardstock I had laying around (from a discount cardstock scraps bag) and then glued that on top of a cardstock square that I'd layered with some washi tape, then glued that entire thing on top of some yellow cardstock, before popping it all on some foam adhesives. I finally added a little cardstock piece that I heat embossed with a sentiment stamp from Mama Elephant. All I can say is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Glossy Accents. I swear, that stuff can practically glue anything! :)

Hope everyone had a Happy Earth Day, and lived a little greener today! :)
Best, ~Z

Monday, April 21, 2014

SSS April Card Kit: Card 3

Hi All,
Here is my third card using the April 2014 Simon Says Stamp Card kit! I've been loving this kit so far, and I haven't even started using the papers yet!
 I had some strips of blue paper left over from my first April card, so I got the idea to have them coming out from behind the card. I stamped the heart image from the stamp set on Neenah Desert Storm using Clearsnap Pigment Frost White, and the sentiment was from Mama Elephant, which I embossed on vellum from the kit. I also added the enamel dots from the kit to hide where the adhesive was going. The vellum does bend a little in the middle because I was trying to add Glossy Accents behind the O of Hello, but there wasn't enough on there. In hindsight, I think I would have added two or three layers, let it dry, and then adhered everything. Or start investing in Kooltak adhesive, which is clear (but since I'm on a spending freeze, I guess I'll just have to be patient with the Glossy Accents!) 

I hope you enjoy (or learn from my mistakes!), 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Lawn Fawn: Just Waving hello

Hi All!
Just wanted to share a card I made using the Lawn Fawn Critters in the Sea stamp set: I have been wanting to use this set for a while, and I was trying to find the perfect way to use as many of the images as possible. I had a Fiskars punch that I recently got in the waves image, and it hit me that these two things would be perfect together. So here is the card I made: 
I've been getting more into paper-piecing recently, and so I paper pieced everything on the card (all the papers were from a discounted "scrap bag" of cardstock, which was $2!), and then added glossy acents to the octopus, the hermit crab, and the seaweed. The sentiment was stamped using Memento Tuxedo Black ink, and the cloud was stamped using Jenni Bowlin Spice Tin ink.

Hope you like it!

Challenges: I am adding this to the SSS Wednesday Challenge, Animal Antics!

My Cute Stamps: Owlways be friends

Hi Everyone, 
I was digging up some old stamp sets that I hadn't used, and I decided to use this one. I had some fun with misting the background and then adding a water brush to blend it all together. I then just drew in the grass with a green American Crafts stamp marker. 

This stamp set is from My Cute Stamps, the Owlways and Forever Friends set. I'm entering this in the SSS Wednesday challenge, Animal Antics


Ni Hao!

I'm continuing on my productivity of cards, and I was really inspired by the Crafting by Design weekly challenge, exotic Asia. I have SO many Asia-inspired stamps, so I had to make a card!
 The little girl image is from My Cute Stamps, the Ni Hao stamp set, as well as the lanterns. I freehand wrote the sentiment, Ni Hao. All the papers (including the little girl's dress) are from the June 2013 kit of Simon Says Stamp, Basic Grey's Hipster collection. I was trying to make the image looked aged, so I distressed the edges of the image with Jenni Bowlin Malted Milk ink. The little girl's face is colored with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers, in the colors FS2, FS3, and PP1.

I am also entering this into the A Blog Named Hero Layers challenge!


SSS September 2013 Card Kit

Hi Everyone,
I'm continuing my progress through the card kits, in no particular order. Here is a card from the September 2013 card kit!
 I created the background using Adirondack paint daubers, and then stamped the sentiment and flowers over it. I did find that the flowers tended to fade under the metallic paints after stamping, so I might stamp them first and emboss them with clear embossing powder before adding the paints. The mustache washi tape is from the June 2013 card kit, but I thought it added a fun touch here.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

SSS April 2014 Card Kit Card 2

Hi Everyone,
I'm continuing my challenge of using as much card kit material as possible with a second card from the April 2014 Card Kit.
I stamped the heart and the background in Clearbox Queue Pigment inks from the Jelly Bean collection, then stamped the light bulb on top with Versafine Onyx black ink. I then embossed the sentiment with Versamark and white Ranger embossing powder. Finally, I drew on the white lines with Sakura white jelly roll pen.


Friday, April 18, 2014

SSS April 2014 Card Kit: Card 1

Hi All!
I'm continuing my spring break productivity (well, for cards at least. Studying is another matter...), with a card from the SSS April 2014 Card Kit, which has been sold out, but you can still buy the stamp set itself. Ever since I saw the solid stamp on the kit, all I could think about were fans. I had so many fans as a child in China, especially to swat away the flies and mosquitoes in the summertime!

I stamped the image in Colorbox pigment ink in Canary, and then used my Fiskars paper cutter to make 1/8 inch slices of paper, which I then adhered with Tombow Mono Multi glue. The cardstock is Neenah Desert Storm, and I also used a few of the My Mind's Eye glitter enamel dots that came in the kit. Enjoy!
I'm entering this in the Anything goes challenge at Crafting by Design

Spring Break Simon Says Stamp Monthly Card Kit Challenge:

I've been a subscriber to Simon Says Stamp's Monthly Card Kits for two years now, starting with the April Card Kit 2012. I've LOVED all of the kits, with their good selection of papers, cardstock, stamps, and embellishments. I always feel like I get my money's worth, and at $19.99 ($24.95 including shipping), it is actually one of the more affordable kits on the market, compared to Studio Calico, Maya Road, and others.

Unfortunately, as med school has taken over my life for the past two years, the kits have piled up in my closet and on my desk. So, I'm giving myself the challenge to use as much Simon Says Stamp card kit material as possible. I will be mostly focusing on cards, but I might use some of it to make layouts for scrapbooking/Project Life as well. Stay tuned and hopefully join me on this crafty week of adventure! 


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring Break Productivity

Hi Everyone,
I'm on spring break this week (YAY!), so I want to craft as much as possible (and study, too, of course!). I made a BUNCH of cards this past weekend, and I can't wait to share them with you over the next few days. I also did a few hauls, at Tuesday Morning, Ebay, and my local quilt store, so I'll share those with you as well. I even made a video of one of my hauls, but I haven't decided if I am going to put that up or not, as I get sort of weird and self-conscious of me talking on video.

I can't wait to share all the crafting that has been happening around here, so stay tuned!

To start, here is a picture of the birthday card I made for my friend Matt:

As you can see,  I have some fabric laying around in the back: get ready for some quilty goodness coming up as well! In addition, here is a preview of what I'm working on next: 

Have a great day,

Tuesday Morning Fabrics

I went to Tuesday morning after the last block exam to cool my head after 3+ hours of examination, and often end up buying to coolest things. My wallet doesn't always thank me, but it is quite fun. This last time, I saw that they had fabrics, what the quilting world calls fat quarters, 7 in a bag for $3.99. This is unbelievably inexpensive, as fat quarters can go for as much as $3-$5 each. I bought one to try it out.

My findings:
The fabrics vary in quality and texture (and size), but they are usable. I am going to use these to improve my quilting/sewing skills. I can cut at least 12 5"x5" squares out of each fat quarter, and I can perfect my half-square triangles using the Jenny Doan technique without sacrificing the good quality, local quilt store bought (i.e. expensive) charm packs that I have been hoarding. I'll let you guys know how it goes!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fabric Box for February Challenge!

Hi all! Sorry I haven't been around in a long time! School has been crazy, as I started my final semester of didactics this past January, the laa semester of classroom work before we go out on rotations/clerkships. Oh, and take that little exam called USMLE/COMLEX Step 1.

However, that does not mean I have not been crafty! I joined a Wellesley online fb group for crafters, which led to an invite to a quilting forum, which issues monthly challenges specifically to use up stash. This month's challenge was to make a fabric box, which I whipped out in a couple of hours.

The tutorial for the box can be found at here, and I did stray a little bit from the tutorial because I was on a binding kick (having finally learned how to bind quilts, thanks to Jenny Doan's tutorials), and I wanted to bind everything I could get my hands on.

Hope all is going well!