Saturday, July 27, 2013

crafting update

I have been away for quite a while, as between my medical mission to Guatemala, and the Cranial Academy conference in La Jolla, I've managed to make the rooms quite a mess. Finally, I've started cleaning them up and getting things organized enough to craft again.

I was on a card making kick for a while, and I hosted a card and stamping night at Whitney's house with Kate, Whitney, and Amanda. We had a great time, and I delighted to show them the techniques I've been learning from Britta Swiderski, Nichol Magouirk, and Kristina Werner on Youtube, from embossing to coloring to blending. But I needed a break.

So, I started quilting again. Summer in Vegas is the perfect time to quilt because we are forced inside due to the 100+ heat, and it is usually quite chilly inside from the air conditioning. I found a beautiful Dove in the Window pattern when I was searching on Google images, and with a little adaptation of a Lemoyne Star pattern, made up my own. I'm hand quilting, so it is slow going, but it is nice to get back to needle and thread again.
I'm hoping to make an entire quilt (12 stars), so I'll have to hurry to finish before school starts. I've heard the second year of med school is the toughest: Pathology, Pharmacology, and Microbiology: definitely no time for quilting (or crafting) then! 

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