Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haul: Blog edition: Chinese Stamps!

Hey all!
My video camera isn't working, so I decided to do a blog haul instead. I've been trying to be good about not spending TOO much, but it was my birthday recently, and I decided to give myself a birthday present. So, this post and the next post will be covering the many stamps that I bought.

I've been trying to find some good Chinese stamps (stamps about China/ with Chinese content, not stamps made in China), and it has been quite difficult. Most of the Made in USA stamp companies seem to think that Asia is one enormous glob of homogenization of culture, which means that stamps with kimonos and Japanese temples are tagged as "Chinese". Others are Chinese, but have that racist Fu Manchu-style that I shudder to look at. Seriously, in today's society, why would you go about offending people? It's not 1882 anymore. There are plenty of Asians around who can explain in words large and small the differences between all the countries in Asia. No one seems to mix up France, England, and Germany, so why are the Chinese, Korean, and Japanese mixed up?

Anyways, I'll end my rant here. I did find some very pretty, culturally appropriate stamps, and here they are:
1. The Friends Cling Stamps by Hero Arts

2. Nihao stamp by My Cute Stamps ( I love that the characters are actually in simplified form! I can't stand traditional, but then I that might just be that I am too lazy to look up what they correspond to in Simplified.)

Finally, I ordered a third set from Simon Says Stamp, but it hasn't come yet. I will post it when I get it! 

In other stamps, I ordered a bunch of Lawn Fawn Stamps, and another My Cute Stamps set:

Owlways Friends by My Cute Stamps:

Happy Stamping and Creating, everyone!