Saturday, March 3, 2012

First Post!

I should introduce myself, so um, hi! I'm ZT, and I wanted to start this blog to catalogue and keep track of my various craft projects. I've been involved in various crafting projects throughout my childhood, from knitting to sewing clothes for my dolls, but I've always drifted a bit, and I've always been in the midst of several projects at once, often forgetting one when I pick up another.

So, hopefully this will help me to be more organized and prevent too many UFO (UnFinished Objects) from piling up. Here are my current projects:

1. Quilt Blocks. I just began learning about quilting, and I've made a couple of blocks so far. I'm making them to be 9" blocks. So far, I've completed a nine-patch, and I'm working on a sawtooth star.

2. ScrapBooking: I just started working on scrapbooking, and I've made one layout about the Kid Rock concert I attended and second layout about the various antics I've gotten up to at home. The current planned layouts are:
a. Grandmother's family in the north
b. Walking in Shanghai
c. Beijing Times

3. Knitting: I'm almost finished with my scarves for the Special Olympics, which, unfortunately, are actually already over, but at least now I know to allocate more time next year. I think I'll sew them onto my knitting blanket, which had sadly fallen to the wayside when Olympic fever got the best of me.

4. Embroidery: I have three finished kits, but I have about seven that I meant to start, and a lighthouse design dedicated to my grandfather that still needs outlining. I mean to incorporate some of the kits into a designed quilt, but I think that will have to wait until my quilting skills improve.

5. Stamping/card making: I got so excited about Lawn Fawn stamps and Nicole Magouirk's online lessons that I started making some cards. I have some Lawn Fawn stamps ordered that are in the mail, so I've yet to actually start making them with stamps. I can't wait to try!

I think that is it so far. Whew! There are so many projects going on, but it is a busy, happy time. Hopefully, this is a journey that we will go on together, and perhaps even learn something along the way.

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